Personal Financing - Loans

Are you thinking about purchasing a car or truck?
Now you can purchase your dream car, a car for your teenager, or a great anniversary gift with financing options that are flexible and affordable. Our Personal Bankers will help and if your loan is secured by your home, the interest you pay could be tax deductible.*

Use what's under your roof to provide you with more purchasing power!
(For Illinois Residents Only)

Home Equity Line of Credit
By using your home as collateral for your auto purchase, you have available to you an "as needed" loan to be used when you want. By simply writing a check or calling your Personal Banker, you have access to your money immediately. In many cases, the interest is tax deductible*.

Home Equity Loan
Great for home improvements and large purchases, or if maybe you want to keep your cash in the bank, the Home Equity Loan uses the equity in your home to fulfill your cash needs, with a fixed payment option. Again, the interest could be tax deductible.*

Applying for an automobile loan is as easy as 1, 2, 3.
If your favorite car dealer just called with the purchase of a lifetime, applying for your loan is simple. Our rate information is available at a glance. If special situations arise that a conventional loan can't handle, E-mail us and our Personal Bankers will get in touch with you right away. Apply online today and secure your auto loan before you visiting your favorite car dealer!

*Consult your tax advisor regarding deductibility of interest. Credit is subject to approval. A home equity loan or line of credit is secured by a first or second mortgage lien on your home, which must be one-to-four family residential real estate. Offer is not available for modular homes, manufactured homes, or cooperatives. Loan cannot be used to purchase primary residence or for commercial purposes. Minimum line of credit amount is $10,000. Additional fees and closing costs apply. Flood and/or property insurance may be required. Other restrictions may apply. Please contact us for further details.

Would you like to combine your payments into one manageable payment each month?
We have several options for you. By using the equity in your home, you could reduce your monthly payments and the interest you pay could be tax deductible.* Or, if you have other noncommitted valuable items that could be used to secure your loan, contact us for more options.