Mortgage and Real Estate Loan Programs

We offer personalized mortgage solutions, with a vast array of options. Superior personalized service from experienced real estate professionals will help guide you through the mortgage process.

We will help you get preapproved for your home loan prior to purchasing it. See our Online Loan Prequalifier (for Illinois Residents only). In addition, we specialize in first time home-buying products, including Fmha, VA, and IHDA loans.

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Mortgage Checklist

Once you are ready to apply, it is essential that these items be provided with your application for a mortgage loan:

  • Your Social Security Number;
  • Home address(es) for the previous two years (include landlord information if applicable);
  • Employment information for the previous two years including employer's name, address, and phone number;
  • Income information including salary, bonuses, overtime, commissions, dividends, interest, retirement and any other ongoing source of income;
  • Three months worth of bank statements on deposit accounts;
  • Any assets including the value of bonds, stocks, life insurance coverage, automobiles, jewelry, retirement funds, and so forth;
  • List of all liabilities that include creditor names and outstanding balances for all debts, including notes payable, 401(k) loans, life insurance loans, stock pledges, alimony, child support, past due educational loan documentation, co-sign loans, credit union loans, and other liabilities;
  • Address, market value, outstanding liens, rental income, mortgage payments, taxes, and insurance for real estate owned; and
  • Purchase contract.