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What is the No Bounce Privilege?
Customer Advantages?
Availability of the No Bounce Privilege
Accessing Your No Bounce Privilege
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the No Bounce Privilege?

No Bounce Privilege is a privilege extended to customers who qualify for an overdraft limit of $500 for Premier Checking, Income Plus Checking, Cloud 9 Travel Checking, Premier Interest Checking, Workplace Checking, Freedom, and E-Checking account customers.

Customers who sometimes run a little short on money have the ability to access this privilege by simply writing a check beyond their balance in their account. As long as the amount does not exceed the overdraft privilege amount, the checks will be paid, and retailers will not receive the checks back. This means that you, the customer, will have the peace of mind knowing that you will not be embarrassed or charged the extra returned check fee from the retailer.

If this overdraft privilege is accessed, the only charge you would receive would be the regular fee for overdrawing your account by us. But, the check is guaranteed to be paid up to the limit assigned to your account.

For more information contact a Personal Banker at 888-226-5892, or continue to read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section.

Customer Advantages

  • Access to additional money when needed for unexpected expenses.
  • Avoid embarrassment of NSF items being returned
  • Flexibility and convenience of understanding it's available to them should they need it, and the convenience of writing a check, or advancing on their ntouch debit card.
  • Customers become more satisfied with our service. They save the embarrassment of returned checks to the retailers.

Availability of the No Bounce Privilege

Anyone can apply or inquire about the No Bounce Privilege. A decision will be made at the time of applications and the decisions are based upon past history with checking accounts.

Accessing Your No Bounce Privilege

You can access your No Bounce Privilege a variety of ways:

  • Writing a Check
  • Teller window
  • ATM or Purchases at a Retailer (Point of Sale, POS)
  • Pre-authorized transfers, such as electronic payments, transferring money between accounts, wiring money to others.
  • Internet Banking -

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. Does the Bank offer an overdraft service?

Answer: Yes. You may avoid returned Non-Sufficient Fund items with:
    Transfer from your savings before writing checks
    Transfer from a credit line OR
    We will automatically pay overdrafts on your account according to our Automatic Overdraft Privilege Disclosure up to your assigned Overdraft limit.

Question 2 How much can I overdraw my checking account?

Answer: If your account is the Freedom Checking Account, Premier Checking, Premier Interest Checking, Income Plus Checking, Cloud 9 Travel Checking, or a WorkPlace Checking and maintained according to the conditions as defined in our Automatic Overdraft Privilege Disclosure, we will approve overdrafts up to $500.

Question 3 Is this No Bounce Privilege a loan?

Answer: NO. it is a courtesy that we extend to our customers who maintain their checking accounts per the conditions of the Overdraft Privilege Disclosure.

Question 4 When do I have to repay the overdraft?

Answer: Normally, the amount of any overdraft, plus our per-item NSF/Overdraft handling charge(s) is due and payable in 30 days or less. However, we can demand repayment at any time we feel it is necessary. Any deposits you make will first be applied to recovering any overdrawn balance.

Question 5 Can I only overdraw my checking account by writing a check?

Answer: You can overdraw your account, and we will approve overdrafts up to your particular limit (including our NSF/Overdraft handling fees) by any one or more of the following means:

    Checks you have written to other people.
    Checks you cash in the Teller line.
    ATM or Point-of-Sale (POS) transactions.
    Pre-authorized electronic debits (ACH).
    Internet Banking -

Question 6 How much do I have left on my Overdraft Privilege?

Answer: Example: You are currently overdrawn on your Freedom Checking account. Your Account Balance is negative $450. Your amount of Privilege you can use is $50. (No Bounce Privilege in this scenario is $500, less the overdraft balance of $450.)

Question 7 I would like more overdraft protection. Who do I see?

Answer: The bank does not offer Automatic Overdraft Privilege (or No Bounce Privilege) above the $500. If you need more than $500, please see one of the bank's lenders.

Question 8 I though I had No Bounce Privilege. Why did you return my checks?

Answer: Example: our records indicate that your Checking account is overdrawn $450 and that you only had $50 remaining of your No Bounce Privilege. The item of $100 presented was larger than the remaining No Bounce Privilege line of $50, and was, therefore, returned. You will need to make a deposit before we can approve any additional items for payment.

Question 9 I did not receive an No Bounce Privilege limit and I want one. Who do I see?

Answer: See or call your Personal Banker.

Question 10: I have been overdrawn for more than 30 days and cannot pay. Who do I see?

Answer: See or call your Personal Banker.

Question 11: I would like to have the No Bounce Privilege reinstated on my account. Who do I see?

Answer: See or call your Personal Banker.

Question 12: Can the No Bounce Privilege be taken away by the bank?

Answer: Yes. The No Bounce Privilege can be taken away at any time the bank determines that the account is no longer meeting the conditions of the Overdraft privilege Disclosure.